The Porsche brand is unlike other automakers in quite a few ways, but one of the largest differences is how far into the future Porsche is looking and planning for. Of course, when looking ahead, you don’t want to lose sight of what has made the Porsche brand one of the most respected around the world, so engineers for the luxury sports car maker have one of the toughest jobs around, but they're ready for it. We're excited about all that the future of Porsche has in store, which is why we've overviewed some of the future features, models, and plans of Porsche below!

What New Porsche Models Are Coming Soon?

While looking into the future of Porsche, we have to start with the announcement about the eighth generation of the legendary Porsche 911, which some may prefer to call the 992. This luxury sports car classic is getting a total refresh with the 2020 Porsche 911, but it maintains the qualities that made it a legend in the first place. The handling and power are still there and easy to find in the new Porsche 911, if not easier thanks to improvements to the transmission and intercooling, while there's now a 10.9-inch touchscreen for you to enjoy.

A new generation of the Porsche 911 would be the biggest news in many years, but most years don’t have the introduction of an all-electric Porsche sports car. The 2020 Porsche Taycan, a Eurasian word for lively young horse, looks and performs the part of the luxury brand famous for performance, but it's a sedan so that you can use it for daily driving. The 2020 Porsche Taycan will provide 605 horsepower, which disproves the belief that all-electric drivetrains can't be powerful, and it, of course, has the driving dynamics you expect from Porsche. You'll have to charge this new Porsche sedan, but it will offer 800-volt charging, which can get you 250 miles of charge in about 15 minutes. The new Taycan is just the first Porsche model helping the brand get to their goal of having 50% of their lineup offer all-electric motors.

What Automotive Tech Can You Expect from Porsche in the Coming Years?

The Porsche brand expanding into electric vehicles is just one of the ways they are preparing for the future and striving to reduce the environmental impact of their models. One such green tech came last year as all Porsche models running on gas got a particulate filter that eliminates the chance of gasses like nitrogen oxides getting into the air. With a commitment to helping the planet as well as drivers, Porsche sets out to change what you expect from automotive brands and driving itself.

Additionally, Porsche has already added tons of smart technologies to their models in recent years, so there's a lot of focus on tweaking those driver-assist safety and infotainment systems to best help drivers. Some of these newer automotive technologies include large touchscreens with tons of control over all sorts of features to a remote self-park system for your sports car that is much more than a neat party trick, and it hints at Porsche autonomous driving capabilities.

Part of how Porsche plans for the future includes looking at the entire lifetime of their models, from crafting to your years of ownership, and newer tech strives to improve each part of the process. This includes using 3D printing in the creation and manufacturing of Porsche models as well as machine learning to understand human inputs better and again look forward to self-driving cars. Technology has always been a part of what makes Porsche drivers some of the happiest on the road, and you can expect a lot from the auto manufacturer in the coming years!

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