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A new set of wheels for your Porsche can be like the right pair of shoes to go with your brand-new outfit -- it completes the look perfectly.

However, also like a pair of shoes, the wrong wheels can cause major problems. Whereas shoes with poor arch support can cause back and joint pain, the wrong wheels can overstress the suspension of your Porsche and cause unnecessary damage. When your Porsche needs new wheels, be sure to consult with the factory trained experts at Porsche Chandler first. By installing OEM wheels made specifically for your ride, we can give you the look you crave while keeping your car performing like it should. After all, it's a Porsche. Performance is part of the experience. Don't sacrifice it just for a new set of rims! Here are three reasons why.

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#3: Questionable Install Quality

Aftermarket wheel shops carry a number of oversized and exotic wheels, and can use various tricks like wheel spacers, suspension mods and "stancing" to make them fit and achieve a particular style. But this isn't always the best idea. The suspension on your Porsche was designed to work in concert with a specific wheel size. Forcing improperly sized wheels will surely cause damage to the suspension and steering systems over time, and will dramatically reduce the handling abilities of your Porsche. Since a Porsche is a world-class driving machine, it should never be compromised just to enhance its look. If you want new wheels, let us recommend some that will look great and preserve your car's impeccable driving feel at Porsche Chandler.

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#2: N-Rated Tires

Not only are Porsche OEM wheels specifically designed for maximal handling performance and control, the tires are tested to the exacting standards of the Porsche brand. Porsche is one of only a few manufacturers that tests a wide variety of tires to identify only the very best for your performance and safety. Tires which pass the Porsche gamut of tests are N-rated. Those that don't make the cut aren't N-rated, and we don't carry them here at Porsche Chandler. Good tires are essential to handling and grip on the racetrack, and they keep you safe on any road when the weather turns. When you're getting OEM wheels from Porsche Chandler, you can rest easy knowing you're getting the finest tires tested over and over again to ensure your safety.

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#1: Wheel Size Matters

If you do want to change the size of the wheels on your Porsche, be aware that this can have unintended consequences if not done correctly. Something as seemingly minor as changing the diameter of the wheels on your car can dramatically change the way it behaves, as it totally alters the steering geometry and suspension.

Increasing the size of the wheel, for example, means using a tire with a skinnier sidewall in order to fit the wheel well. This can mean slightly improved grip, but also a much harsher ride. It can cause problems with the anti-lock brake system due to changes in the weight distribution of the wheel. It can cause your speedometer to display incorrectly. Installing too big a wheel can even cause problems with rubbing up against the bodywork or brakes, causing damage over time.

To avoid these and other problems when getting new wheels on your Porsche, get OEM wheels and have them installed by the experts at Porsche Chandler. We can counteract problems like these by increasing the width of the wheel and recalibrating the speedometer. We'll do it all according to manufacturer spec so you know we're preserving the unmatched performance of your Porsche.

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