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Find out why your Porsche model won't start

Your Porsche looks great, of course, but you didn't get it just because it looks pretty--you got it to drive. So it's especially upsetting when you get into your Porsche and find out that it won't even start. There are many things that could cause this problem, from ordinary issues that are easy to fix all the way to difficult issues that require intensive repairs. Below are six possible reasons for why your vehicle may not start. If your Porsche does need maintenance, give us a call or use our convenient online tool to schedule service at Porsche Chandler.

6. The Steering Wheel Is Locked

Steering wheel locks are a valuable anti-theft feature that you'll find in most modern vehicles. If someone tries to move the steering wheel without the key, the wheel and ignition cylinder (where applicable) will lock up. This can be caused by something as simple as bumping the steering wheel after your vehicle is off. If your steering wheel is locked, try gently moving it as you attempt to turn the key in the vehicle.

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5. The Vehicle Is In Gear

If your Porsche has automatic transmission, check to make sure that it's set to "Park." If it's accidentally in gear, the engine won't start up. Try setting it to "Park" and then attempt to start it again.

4. The Gas Tank Is Empty

This is a simple problem that could point to a deeper problem--but that's not necessarily so. Perhaps you were seeing how far you could get on fumes, and forgot to fuel up (you might be surprised at how common this is!). Or maybe you've been the victim of gas theft or a leaky gas tank. The solution to all three problems is the same: add more gas to your Porsche and look for leaks. However, if you're sure that you had gas when you parked it, it's best to bring it to a service center immediately for an inspection.

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3. The Ignition Switch Is Damaged

Many Porsche models today come with push-button start; however, you may be driving one that requires a key in the ignition. If so, did you know that excessive keys or keychains can actually damage the ignition switch? Try jiggling the keys while turning them to see if that helps. However, even if that does do the trick, you'll need to bring your Porsche in and have the experts look it over.

2. The Starter Is Bad

The starter is, fittingly, what starts your Porsche. The engine has to be turned pretty quickly to start properly, and the starter relies on a heavy electric current to get this job done. From the solenoid to the pinion to the actuating arm, there are many things that could go wrong with a starter. However, before you jump straight to that, consider one other possibility.

1. The Battery Is Dead

We mentioned that the starter needs a strong current to work--and if the battery is dead, that current won't flow. If your Porsche responds positively to a jump start, the battery is most likely the problem. If you've left your lights on overnight, the battery may be fine. However, if it's nearing the end of its life cycle, you'll probably need to have it replaced, as it can no longer hold a charge.

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