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The job of the oil in an automobile engine is to lubricate and protect all its moving metal parts -- and in a high-performance, hard-working Porsche engine, the need for protection is even greater! That's why, if the oil level is falling in your car, it's important to find the source of the leak and get it fixed.

Your engine shouldn't lose any oil when it's new -- but, over time, as the engine's various seals and gaskets begin to wear, it could begin to drip a little bit of oil onto the ground. Or, it might start to lose oil without any signs that it's leaking out anywhere. That could indicate that the engine is burning the oil internally.

If oil stains and puddles can be found on the ground where you park your car, you've got a big oil leak that needs fixing

Eventually, you can expect all engines to start leaking or burning a little bit of oil. The professionals at the Porsche Chandler service department can restore and repair your engine so it doesn't leak anymore. Here are five things you should know about engine oil leaks.

5. Check For Leaks And Puddles Under The Vehicle

If your engine has been losing oil, you might be able to detect a puddle of oil under the vehicle where it's been parked. If not, it could be that the engine is burning the oil, rather than leaking it onto the ground. If the engine is burning a lot of oil, it'll start to make a greyish-blue colored smoke from the tailpipe. Or, if you notice smoke coming from the under the hood, possibly accompanied by a burning smell, that could be oil that's leaking out of the engine, then dripping onto hot components like the exhaust manifold, and burning there.

Oil settles at the bottom of the engine into the oil pan, like this one shown here

No matter where the oil is going, having to add oil to an engine periodically isn't ideal. Have the technicians at Porsche Chandler perform a thorough inspection on any engine that's losing oil. We'll be able to find the leak and put a stop to it, so your engine runs its best.

4. Damaged Oil Pan

Did you strike the bottom of your car on a curb, speed bump or railroad crossing? It's possible that the car's oil pan could've been damaged. This can cause a significant engine oil leak. That's because the oil pan holds the oil when the engine is turned off. A damaged oil pan will need to be replaced, or else the engine could quickly suffer from oil starvation, leading to severe damage.

3. Bad Oil Filter

Is your car suddenly leaking oil, and you recently had an oil change service performed? Check the oil filter. If you know where to find it, take a look and see if it's coated with engine oil. A poorly installed oil filter can start to leak once you start to drive the car.

An oil filter is shown here, along with some gaskets that help keep your engine's various fluids where they belong

This is because the engine's oil system is under pressure. If the oil filter wasn't screwed on tight enough, or was screwed on crooked, the pressure created by the engine can force oil out around the oil filter and oil filter gasket. During a professional oil change service at Porsche Chandler, we'll tighten the OEM-approved filter to factory spec, making sure to replace the oil filter gasket if necessary -- all to ensure there are no leaks. If your oil filter is leaking, you may want to have it reinstalled correctly by the Porsche experts in our service center.

2. Leaking Seals

If oil isn't leaking from the engine's oil pan or from the oil filter, then it must be seeping past a gasket or seal. That means it's time to have a UV dye test performed on your engine. We'll add a special colored dye to the engine oil that makes it easier to see with the help of an ultraviolet light. Our technicians will then be able to trace the leak back to the source and recommend a fix. Gaskets that can commonly start to leak oil include the valve cover gasket, head gasket, timing cover gasket, or the rear main seal. Having these gaskets replaced will help to keep your engine from leaking anymore.

1. Bad PCV Valve

If your engine is still losing oil, but there's no sign of a leak, we can therefore conclude that your engine must be burning the oil internally. This can be caused by a few different things, but perhaps the most common is a bad PCV valve. The PCV valve lets air out of the engine's crankcase -- but in the right circumstances (or should we say wrong circumstances?) can malfunction and cause the engine to consume oil. To get your engine to stop burning oil, you might just need a new PCV valve installed -- a relatively minor repair.

Whether your engine is leaking oil, burning it inside, or a little bit of both, restoring your Porsche to its former performance glory is our specialty at the Porsche Chandler service department. We take pride in caring for the finest sports cars anywhere. Stop by today or give us a call if you have any questions about your Porsche.

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