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Most Porsche models built in the past few decades are equipped with a hydraulic power steering system. These systems use fluid under tremendous amounts of pressure to help you turn the steering wheel as you drive. Without a good power steering system, your car would be incredibly difficult to turn, particularly at low speeds like in parking lots.

Over time, the fluid that makes your power steering work will break down, become dirty and gather debris. Dirty fluid can make the power steering system work harder, and can contribute to leaks. Prevent damage to your car's power steering system by getting power steering service at Porsche Chandler!

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What Are The Symptoms Of Dirty Power Steering Fluid?

When the power steering system starts to suffer damage, you may begin to hear a groaning noise coming from the vehicle when turning. That's an early warning sign that it's time to have the power steering system looked at. And, of course, if your car becomes harder to turn, the power steering fluid might be to blame.

The other reason you might need new power steering fluid is because the system has sprung a leak and it's now out of fluid. That means it's time to visit Porsche Chandler to have an expert technician find the leak, fix it and refill the system with fresh fluid.

How Often Do I Need to Get The Power Steering Fluid Changed In My Car?

If you drive one of the newest Porsche models, you may not need to change the power steering fluid ever -- because there's no power steering fluid to be found at all! Many contemporary Porsche models now feature electric power steering systems that don't use fluid.

However, if you've got a Porsche model equipped with hydraulic power steering, Porsche provides a maintenance schedule that tells you when to have power steering fluid exchange performed. In either case, check your owner's manual. It'll tell you what kind of power steering system you've got and when to visit Porsche Chandler for fresh power steering fluid.

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Driving a Porsche is a truly singular experience. Getting maintenance and repair for your Porsche should be the same. That's why we do what we do at the Porsche Chandler service center. If you have any questions, give us a call at the service number on the top of your screen. Or, just schedule your next appointment right here on our site. Our expert Porsche technicians will be ready for your arrival at a day and time that's convenient for you.

Porsche Chandler Service Department: A Certified Porsche Classic Partner

When you're looking for a service experience that matches the quality you expect from the Porsche name, there's only one place to turn: a genuine Porsche dealership service center. Nobody else can take the best care of the sophisticated performance engineering that makes Porsche unlike any other automaker.

At Porsche Chandler, we have the skilled team, advanced tools and genuine OEM Porsche parts to take care of any Porsche, old or new. As a certified Porsche Classic Partner, the Porsche Chandler service center has access to special resources that help us maintain, restore and repair your Porsche. From the vintage to the exotic, there's nothing from Porsche we can't help you with.

For matchless customer service from a skilled team of technicians and service advisors, visit Porsche Chandler at 1010 S Gilbert Rd, Chandler, AZ 85286.


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