Porsche Reveals Name for its First Ever Full-Electric Sports Car

It has been known for a while that Porsche has been designing an all-new, full-electric sports car. The working title for this electric performance vehicle has been "Mission E" during development. Now that the model is close to completion, a new name has been revealed: the Porsche Taycan.




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Learn About the Porsche Advanced Safety Features

Porsche enjoys a well-deserved reputation for offering drivers the kind of performance, dynamic handling, and upscale appointments that inspire automotive envy in others. However, when an automaker delivers such awesome power and handling, they also have an obligation to make sure that their vehicles are among the safest in the world. Fortunately, Porsche is a manufacturer that takes their responsibilities to heart.

Here are three examples of key safety areas that Porsche focuses on with the 718 model:

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Learn about the Flat Engine Tradition at Porsche

The 911 is the iconic vehicle that people think of when they picture a Porsche, down to its distinctive silhouette. That shape is made possible by the use of a flat engine, which holds a place near and dear to the hearts of many a Porsche admirer. We'd like to explain what makes this engine special when compared to other internal combustion designs.


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Are Porsche Cayennes Reliable?

When you buy a new vehicle, you want your investment to last and at Porsche Chandler, we want to help you find only the most reliable vehicles. All Porsche models are built with world-class engineering and high-quality parts so you can count on the durability and reliability of your new Porsche Cayenne.

The Cayenne is a midsized luxury crossover built on a time-tested frame and powertrain that strike a balance between a sports car and an SUV. The famous Porsche engineering gives you durable mechanical features that, with regular tender love and care, will last you for years to come…

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How to Buy a Porsche?

If you're looking for a luxury car near the Phoenix area, then the world-renowned Porsche brand is a great option. At Porsche Chandler, we are proud to give our customers access to these high-quality, reliable vehicles.

Buying a new vehicle can be an intimidating process, but our sales professionals work hard to make the experience as easy as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us personally or read on for some tips to make buying a Porsche near Phoenix go as smoothly as possible.


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Porsche's Efforts to Go Green are Paying Off

The automotive industry can sometimes have a bad reputation for being a chronic source of pollution. Some of that comes from the cars themselves. Gasoline engines aren't the only source of automotive emissions, however. The process of building cars and transporting to a dealership can also be a significant source of pollutants.

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What Are the Differences in the Porsche Trim Levels?

There's a reason drivers near Chandler and Scottsdale choose Porsche. The auto maker's commitment to excellence in performance, comfort, and design is seldom matched. Each model strives to set the bar for quality in its respective class -- but not all models are the same. Within each Porsche model, you'll find a range of trim levels. Each one includes its own set of features and performance levels.



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Classic Porsche Collectors Reaping the Benefits of 3D Printed Parts

Porsche has been a pillar of the luxury car community for decades. Many of the cars first purchased years ago are still owned by drivers who love nothing better than to take them out for a ride. Unfortunately, there have been some roadblocks between these older Porsche cars and the road. Car parts don't last forever, and as these cars have grown older it's become harder for owners and collectors to find the parts they need to keep their treasured vehicles running.

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